Mayweather maintains his unbeaten record against McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has defeated Conor McGregor in Las Vegas, thereby claiming his 50th victory and maintaining his unbeaten record in the process. 
McGregor wasn't given a chance of winning before the fight, but the Irishman surprised many with a largely professional display, taking the fight up to the 10th round.
He got off to a flying start, throwing a series of punches at the 40-year-old and scoring a few early points.  Displaying some sort of confidence, McGregor even put his hands behind his back at one stage.
Conor McGregor began on the front foot
Conor McGregor began on the front foot CREDIT: ARMANDO ARORIZO/EPA, THE TELEGRAPH
As the first round wore on, Mayweather decided to go on the offensive but failed to connect and it was the McGregor who was ahead as the bell rung. 
In the second round, The Irishman continued the assault against the undefeated Mayweather.
McGregor received a warning in the third round as he illegally connected with Floyd Mayweather on the top of the head. Despite these breaches occurring in the course of the fight, it was a largely controlled, professional display from the MMA fighter.
Mayweather, meanwhile,  was struggling to stamp his authority on the contest, receiving blows to the head and could barely make an impact on the 29-year-old opponent.  
The American fighter found himself against the ropes early in the fourth round as McGregor went on the attack. Despite  Floyd was trailing the Irishman, He had time for a wink to the cameras in a show of confidence of winning.
But Mayweather is usually known to be patient and started to grow in confidence in the fifth round.  Pushing the Irishman back, Mayweather landed a number of blows to McGregor and his pressure started paying off in the sixth as the Irishman looked tired. 
In the seventh round, he finally started exerting a lot of pressure on McGregor, getting him on the ropes and landing a hard left hook. 
In the eighth round, Mayweather sustained the pressure but McGregor remained defiant, landing some blows of his own.
McGregor got Mayweather on the ropes early in the ninth round, but Mayweather battered McGregor with a hard right. With the Irishman clearly tiring and with his legs wobbling, Mayweather moved in for the kill but the Irishman survived the round. 
The referee stops the fight in the 10th
The referee stops the fight in the 10th CREDIT: AP PHOTO/ERIC JAMISON, THE TELEGRAPH
The American finished McGregor off in the 10th round, with the referee stepping in to stop the fight. 

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